Friday Frills, May 14, 2017

Hi there! As this edition of Friday Frills is on a Monday you can guess how things have been going lately. Spring is such a busy time for art galleries with new exhibitions going up and art fair season in full swing. On top of that, I have come down with a nasty cold I can’t seem to shake. I took a nearly 3 week hiatus from the gym because of it and I realize now just how much my exercise classes to give some balance to my days.

While I don’t have much beyond work to report for this past week, I did take a trip to Washington DC last weekend to see Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors at the Hirshhorn Museum. My work bought a table at the museum’s annual gala so I snagged a seat and took plenty of selfies along the way!

A few other things have popped up lately that I think are worth sharing:


Tried Glossier brand lipsticks // A few weeks ago I stopped by their pop up in Chinatown and got two of the Generation G lipsticks in Crush and Zip. As I wear the same lip color nearly every day – The YSL ‘Baby Doll’ Kiss & Blush in 3 Rose Libre – I thought could be good to add in some rotation. Crush is a berry color that overall I like alright but it’s Zip that I am really excited about! It’s a red that is subtle enough to wear during the day without worrying about maintenance – my least favorite thing about red lips.

Tried Drybar for the first time // As I mentioned we had a big opening at the gallery last week and I knew I was going to be shaking a lot of hands so I decided to treat myself to some hair care. Ugh you guys I wanted to love it – I really did – but my curls fell out within 20 minutes of walking out the door. I also read their FAQs which said to budget 35 – 45 minutes so I booked an appointment so even if it took an hour I wouldn’t be running late and ultimately after an hour and 15 minutes I had to tell them I had to go. All of the product they used made it so I had to wash my hair after 3 days which I was bummed about. All in all I’m willing to accept maybe I had a bad experience – I know people swear by Drybar! – but I wouldn’t pay the $45 again.



Irving Penn at the Met // Irving Penn was an American photographer most famous for his decades of work for Vogue. However, this retrospective shows his work goes well beyond fashion and includes portraits of natives from Papua New Guinea to a beautiful still life of used cigarettes. I went during the members preview

Cherry blossoms in NYC // As you can see from my last post New York is in bloom and I am loving it! While this weekend was cold and rainy, I know there are plenty of lovely walks in the park in my near future. Luckily my grocery store had buckets of peonies to hold me over until the weather perks up again.



Memorial Day in Houston // My husband’s brother is getting married in Houston, Texas over Memorial day weekend and I am so looking forward to it! I have never been to Texas and in addition to all of the wedding festivities I am hoping to squeeze in a trip to see Rothko Chapel and James Turrell’s Skyspace at Rice University.

Girls weekend on Nantucket // Another trip around the corner is a long weekend in June with my sorority family. I am lucky to have such close friends from my time in Gamma Phi – you will remember Diana and I are big and little! – and hanging with them for 3 days in one of my favorite places on earth – I went for the first time on my honeymoon – is sure to be a great time!

Summer vacation in Greece // Alex and I have tried to take one big trip a year and this year we are thinking Greece! It has always been very top of my bucket list and with tickets surprisingly affordable we are going to take the plunge. As of now it’s just in the idea phase as we need to do some serious planning but I am already dreaming of classical ruins and crystal blue waters!



When Breathe becomes Air // I finished this book a while ago and highly recommend it. The story of Dr. Paul Kalanithi’s personal battle with terminal cancer and his quest to discover what makes life worth living. A book that is much happier and hopeful than I first guessed it would be and ultimately a beautiful reminder of how precious life is!

Kick: The True Story Of Kick Kennedy // I also just finished this incredible biography on Kathleen “Kick” Kennedy – sister to JFK and through her marriage the heir to the famed Chatsworth estate as the Duchess of Devonshire. Her early death I think makes her often forgotten but ask her biography shows she was at the center of two major political families. I first read about her through reading The Six – which I highly recommend – and since have been trying to read more female biographies. It is such a fresh historical perspective to see these major events – in this case WWII – through the experiences of influential women.



Hunting for a wedding guest dress // As I mentioned I am very excited for this family wedding at the end of May but I cannot find a dress! As everything I have tried on in person has been a dud, I’m going into online shopping overdrive this week. All leads welcome!

Aerin for William Sonoma // This line makes me want to replace my entire dinner wear set. Aerin Lauder’s easy elegance translates beautifully into a line that is blue and white heaven.



Finished Medici show, onto Big Little Lies // I don’t pretend to keep up on the latest talked about TV but I always get around to watching it eventually. As I just finished Netflix’s amazing Medici: Master’s of Florence, I have started Big Little Lies and OMG I am hooked. I can’t think of another drama where the main characters are all women, let alone moms, living seemingly unremarkable lives. Without giving anything away, I will say these women’s lives are all far from boring and it is an amazing look at so many issues women face today.

War Paint // I went to see this new musical a few weeks back and had the best time! As you know I usually opt for a museum show as my dose of culture so it was great to see a new show with Diana who is a huge theater buff! The show of course gets bonus points for all the girl power!

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