Friday Frills

Image: Florence, Italy shot from Piazzale Michelangelo, 2013. Taken by me during my study abroad.

Welcome to my first installment of Friday Frills, where I will post about what I bought, read, ate, watched, and lusted after this week. For those who are wondering what will become of my Wishful Thinking posts, they will still show up from time to time and I will include coveted items and sale alerts in these posts.  If you still want more,  you can always visit my Wishful Thinking Pinterest board where I am constantly posting my favorite things from the web.

Onto the Friday Frills! This week was jam packed with after work events. Monday was a 3-hour bachelor night – do any of you watch? #bachelornation. Tuesdays I take a grueling barre class in Chelsea after work. Wednesday, I met two college friends for dinner at a great Israeli restaurant called 12 Chairs. Thursday, I took my first ever SoulCycle class with my office – so fun! I see why people are addicted. Friday, a friend pulled some strings and I’ll be headed to a hot new restaurant for dinner. A week full of goodness but I also feel ready to sleep in this weekend.



Is it just me or do you feel like the stores are suddenly packed with items that are needed in my closet ASAP. It seems in particular I have found a lot of shoes lately, which is usually something I struggle with!

Pink Nike Sneakers // These pink sneaks caught my eye once Julia posted about them. After waiting through several rounds of agonizing sold out notifications,  I serendipitously checked Net-a-Porter one evening and they were in stock! If you are between sizes order up. Oh and run, don’t walk, to get these – they go fast!

Wicker Bag Trend // As I just booked a summer trip to Nantucket with Diana, it seems the perfect time to indulge in the trend. I love this cross body bag with a wide leather flap and bamboo toggle.

Sale on my favorite Sweater // Major sale alert! My all-time favorite, bought-it-in-two-colors, worry-my-coworkers-find-it-weird-how-much-I-wear-it sweater is on sale for $45. You know J.Crew will also have some additional sale on sale goodness to top it off.

Shopbop Sale Purchase // Like Mackenzie, I used the famed Shopbop sale as an opportunity to get a piece I’ve had my eye on forever: these scalloped sandals from Loeffler Randall. Alex’s brother is getting married at the end of May so I used the wedding as double justification to add these gems to my wardrobe.

An Upgraded Basic // I grabbed this gorgeous sweater in navy the other day. My last dark blue, v-neck sweater got one too many holes so I have upgraded to this new bow-adorned version. Bonus, I got it 25% off with a deal that’s still going on!

Trying the Mule Trend // I wasn’t kidding when I said I’ve been shoe shopping lately. These mules were the perfect way for me to dive into the trend while still feeling “me” with a bow and a blush tone.


The Six by Laura Thompson // I really enjoyed this biography about the Mitford sisters. They are historical figures that are portrayed in so many different ways: glamorous, Nazis, artists, anarchists, elitists, you name it! Reading their complicated story propelled me into a personal side of WWII history that I hadn’t learned about. As one of three daughters in my family, the lifelong bond these sisters shared through thick and very thin was intriguing to me. I loved it, highly recommend.

Why Art Matters to America // I have been thinking a lot about this op-ed by Tom Campbell, director of the Met Museum. In it he describes how crucial art is in our globalized world to teach people about others not like them. He argues that cutting arts funding is a drop in the bucket of savings but a devastating loss to many small museums around our country who would fold without this money. As many of you know, I am a professed art obsessive lover. I was an Art History major in school and now work at a major art gallery in New York.

The Idiot by Elif Batuman// I got an advance reading copy and just finished this week. Hungarian-born, New Jersey-raised Selin is a freshman at Harvard in 1995 where she tackles coming of age and a romance started through this new thing called email. The writing style feels more like real life than any other book I’ve read and of course I was constantly drawing connections to my freshman year self. I liked, but didn’t love this one. Overall, I would softly recommend it.


Medici: Masters of Florence // My current show. Netflix is killing it with their original series. This one is somewhat niche as it is about the Medicis, the ruling family of 15th and 16th century Florence. I feel this show is so strangely targeted to me as I concentrated in Italian Renaissance Art as an undergraduate and studied abroad in Florence, Italy. So, if like me you enjoy very handsome brothers locked in a constant power struggle or hilarious portrayals of Donatello meeting a young Cosimo de’ Medici by chance outside of the Pantheon – and if you do, can we be friends? – then this show is for you. Strongly recommend for any history lovers or Italophiles.

I am also dying to start watching Big Little Lies. Anyone want to throw me an HBO Go password?

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