Wishful Thinking // Vol. I Fall Forward


Welcome to my first edition of ‘Wishful Thinking,’ where I share my favorite finds from around the internet. If you follow along on Pinterest, my wishful thinking board is how I keep track of all of my current wardrobe lusts. Today, I’m talking about fall forward fashion – pieces that can be worn now paired with lighter items and then layered up once we get deeper into the year. I find September and May to be the hardest months to dress for. We are technically in a new season, but so often the thermometer doesn’t match up with the fashions. I hope these pieces help get you over the hot weather hump while still embracing the excitement of all the autumn goodness to come!

ONE // Corduroy makes for a great fall fabric. I can see wearing this skirt now with a light button down and flats and next month with a chunky turtleneck sweater and riding boots.

TWO // I love Old Navy purses. They always put out great trendy items at an amazing price point. Unlike some other budget accessories, I have Old Navy purses that are years old and still going strong. This little bag is on trend thanks to the eye-catching tassel, while the camel tone will pair well with the color palette of the season.

THREE // This blanket scarf exudes fall with a vintage flair. I love that the blues in it will match so much in my wardrobe while adding in pops of the rich autumnal color scheme. Bonus, I always keep a blanket scarf in my desk drawer at work (is my office the only one that keeps the air conditioning set to full throttle?) which makes this piece extra functional.

FOUR // These. Booties. I tried them on at J.Crew last week and immediately texted my mom since they remind me so much of the boots she wore when I was growing up. The top hits in a flattering and comfortable place just above the ankle giving them a bolder presence than my other booties. I have gotten into shorter boots since moving to the city since it can be exhausting trekking around in a full length boot all day.

FIVE // Essie’s ‘Eternal Optimist’ is one of my all time favorite nail colors. It is a rich, dusty rose mauve that hits the perfect note of a professional, ladylike nail with a personality. I think in reality it is more beige than the picture lets on. You can expect to see me wearing it all season!

SIX // How much do you love this block heel style? It is my favorite trend of the season. It ups the chic of every shoe without downgrading the functionality one bit. And that my friends is what we call a win-win.

SEVEN // When I first saw these geode-esque earrings they took me back to the museums in Italy stocked with beautiful Etruscan jewelry. It’s true what they say – trends all come back around (even with a few thousand years of an arc). The richness of the raw gold is what gave me the fall feels. Bold enough to be noticed, and yet I can’t think of an outfit they wouldn’t elevate.

EIGHT // Early on in the season is when I like to add a seasonal staple to my wardrobe. This turtleneck is equal parts timeless, cozy, and chic, making it a piece I know I will work into my outfits for years to come.

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