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Club Monaco Lace Dress // Bejeweled Clutch // ASOS Backless Floral Embroidered Dress // Bauble Bar ‘Celestial Drop’ Earrings // ASOS Flowy Ruffled Dress // J.Crew Seersucker Strapless Dress // Needle and Thread ‘Meadow’ Embroidered Tulle Gown

With wedding season upon us it’s time to find that perfect wedding guest dress. When picking what to wear to a wedding there are a ridiculous number of things to consider. Will the wedding be outside? Is there a dress code? What does ‘black tie’ mean for a woman? What does it mean if there isn’t anything listed? What are the bridesmaids wearing? how do I guarantee I won’t match the decor?

So today I’ve rounded up my dress picks for every wedding guest situation so you can focus on the love — and dancing the night away!

My two fool-proof wedding guest ensembles are this midi length lace dress and this floral embroidered backless number. The midi length gives both dresses a special occasion feel without looking like you’re headed to The Oscars. The thick lace of the first dress is oh-so-romantic and in a color choice of blue or pink you can safely avoid matching the decor. One of my favorite trends this season is floral embroidery and on the second dress it creates one of my “go to” tips for wedding guest looks — patterns! Few bridesmaid dresses are printed so that makes it a great choice for any attendee. Bonus: it comes in regular, tall, and petite sizing. Either of these would be perfect for a wedding that doesn’t specify a dress code and has a mix of indoor / outdoor settings.

Show the happy couple you came to celebrate in this flowy, ruffled dress. Not only will it look great on the dance floor, but the breezy fabric will keep you cool late into the night. My pick for fun-focused, warm climate wedding!

An outdoor wedding tends to skew more casual but you need a certain amount of structure so that if the wind picks up your skirt won’t go with it! I love this sweet seersucker dress for just that. The strapless top ensures nothing will be blowing in your face and an a-line skirt in a heavier cotton will stay put no matter the weather.

‘Black tie’ or ‘white tie’ printed on an invitation is the height of formality. For men it signifies clear outfit guidelines — yes, down to their tie color — but for women it’s less clear. Either of these dress codes calls for a gown and I love that this gauzy, embroidered dress fits the bill while still feeling light and romantic.

Looking to skip the racks and dress up something tucked away in the closet? Add a touch of sparkle with these statement starburst earrings and a bejeweled clutch to take any dress to a wedding guest best.

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